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Ms. Lourdes Diaz
Chief Academic Officer


Working together to provide an equitable and continuous learning experience reflecting high expectations that actively engages each student in meaningful, lifelong learning.


Our mission is to increase student achievement through the provision of systemic innovative curriculum characterized by standards and research-based educational programs that deliver effective and differentiated instruction in partnership with parents, business, and our diverse community.

Guiding Principles

  1. Provide guidance and support at the district/region/school level relative to curriculum, delivery of support services, interpretation of compliance/policy requirements, and best practices
  2. Increase awareness and knowledge in current research and best practices at the national and state level, in order to strengthen workforce capacity and foster high yield results.
  3. Monitor the fidelity of implementation and compliance with local/state/federal requirements, to maximize return on investment.
  4. Ensure key stakeholders engagement and input in the planning and implementation of programs and initiatives.
  5. Forge communication links between and among other divisions.
  6. Stratify assistance and support services to schools based on levels of student achievement.